Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Kitchen Repairs.

Ok, ok, so I am not talking about the kitchen in the Fibro Majestic today but sharing more of those ideas I spoke about on the radio segment last week. There is some shots below of a kitchen I did makeover on in a weekend for my mum a year or so ago, it is all done with paint and new handles, it cost just a couple hundred dollars but it helped her sell her house for a better price in a difficult market.



Kitchen revival

On my radio segment last Friday I mentioned 5 quick fixes to give your kitchen a fresh new look without the expense of a complete replacement. The 5 ideas listed below are only recommended however if your cabinets are still sound otherwise you may be wasting time and money and a replacement kitchen may still be the best option.

  • Replace or repaint cupboard doors and draw faces.
  • Replace knobs and handles and taps. 
  • Resurface or replace benchtops. 
  • Retile the splashback, or cover it with a new glass one.
  • Lay cushion backed vinyl flooring over existing floor
Today I wanted to speak about the first and second options of the list above as these are probably the easiest yet most effective of these ideas. 

If your old doors are in reasonable condition the more economical way to go is to simply repaint them. This is simply a mater of removing old handles and filling the holes, repairing any damage and replacing any loose edges before lighting sanding. Apply a primer and then giving the doors two coats of your desired topcoat. This option will work for both timber and melamine doors provided you select the correct primer. Ask your paint supplier to show the range of melamine and laminate primers on offer, for timber I recommend a shellac or oil based primer.

Even budget vinyl wrapped doors can be painted, prime them as above if the vinyl is still firmly adhered to the doors but if it has stated to lift around the edges, peel it of, you may require the aid of a hot air gun to soften adhesive if it proves to be stubborn.

Using quality oil-based enamel paint would be the best choice top coat as it will be tough and hardwearing, however modern acrylics are tough and washable so these would also suffice.

Completely replacing doors is an easy option for any kitchen built in the last 30 odd years because each door is likely to be mounted with concealed hinges. If this is the case each door can be removed from the cabinet and taken to a cabinetmaker’s workshop, select a colour for your new doors and select a style of protective edge band and have the cabinet maker produce facsimiles of your old doors using your selected colours. In the workshop they will also drill the special holes required to fit concealed hinges. Once your new doors are ready for collection all that remains for you to do is return them to their positions and fit a new set of handles. Expect to pay $25 to $65 per, average sized, door depending on the colour and edging selected. Add a further $10 for a pair on new hinges (recommended).

*note, if you’re dramatically changing door colour, cover and infill panels may also need replacing or painting.

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