Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sperm Suits and Bathroom Stripping???

Adam dons his "sperm suit' as he calls it to remove asbestos laden fibro sheets. Asbestos removal is not a job for DIY but if you must, pick up some disposable overalls like these along with a respirator. Dampen the sheets down with a mist of water to keep dust down.Cut of nail heads so the entire sheet can be removed at once. The pieces are wrapped in heavy duty plastic and labeled as asbestos be before depositing them at a special waste depot. Continue to wear protective gear whilst all vacuuming and cleaning the area is done and then discard overalls.

The old bathroom is stripped back to the frame, asbestos sheets removed and timber floor pulled up. The floor boards, 6" Baltic pine, will be salvaged for use in repairs elsewhere in the house I might even have enough left over to make a coffee table.

Bare frames and subfloor will allow easy access for the plumber to reconfigure the room layout and for the sparky to run wiring for the exhaust fan, power outlets and the planned under tile heating system.

The exposed timbers can also be checked for rot and replaced as necessary, frames can be adjusted for plumb and flatness with the aid of an electric planer or the addition of packing. Getting the wall surfaces plumb and flat will make the the tiling easier and much neater. Imaging trying to lay flat ceramic tiles on a bulging wall or trying to get the corners even if ne of both surfaces have a lean on them.

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