Friday, September 18, 2009

Quiet yet flat out

I've been a bit a bit quite on the Blog front over the past couple of weeks but that is because I have been flat out (like a lizard drinking) as they say. All the big work in the bathroom was finished a few weeks ago and as you can see through the doorway in the photograph the claw foot bath is in place but I am not quite ready to reaveal the whole room yet as there is some detailing to do.

If you really want to see the full before and after story keep an eye out on Handyman magazine as the reno will feature in the near future but first there are some more details such as the wall that partitions the bathroom off and the entry door.

I was very pleased to find the old doors though-out the place are all Cedar (or perhaps Californian redwwod) and I am looking forward to seeing them all stripped back and shellaced. The stripping process has begun with the bathroom door, it still needs a bit more sanding, three coats of amber shellac and then some beeswax but it is looking good already.

You can see the walls outside the bathroom have been stripped of their old fibro, they have also been insulated and covered with sarking. I intend to clad all these walls with pine lining boards before painting so this weekend past I have made a start with the bathroom wall. Struck a deal with the local hardware store to see me all the short, twisted and warped boards from their rack at a special price as I mostly need short sections. I can cut around the dodgy bits (at least all the off-cuts make great fire starters.)

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snoodis said...

Good to spot your blog at last. I can't wait for you to meet my mate Ro - he has just moved in as caretaker in a big old federation style house. You'd love it, and he'd love seeing your place too.
Here's that list again of podcasts to listen to while you're renovating (I'll keep adding to the list...);