Thursday, October 1, 2009

Music to Paint By.

Painting is not the most intellectually stimulating task in world so I like stick my on my headphones and listen to some music whilst I work, some Johnny Cash, Loudon Wainwright III or Gregory Page many many songs about love gone wrong, I don't want to paint everything Blue. Something with some slightly more uplifting stories to tell, perhaps some Eric Bibb, Taj Mahal or Cat Stevens, then I could Cake Walk into Town and visit Dr Shine and If I .....want to sing out, I'll sing out. When my son, Reuben, comes around we could always play In my Father's House or Cats in the cradle, just as long he doesn't want me buy him a Chevrolet.

Cutting in requires something to keep your hand steady, some Coltrane perhaps or the smooth voices of Natalie Merchant or Madeline Peyroux. Rolling out the walls? ...dare I say it...Sinatra, I did it my way... (I'm not really that cliched). Then there's those trips up and down the ladder all day to do the ceilings, a pithy little Blossom Deary track or two followed by a some classic Beatles, (the White Album for white ceilings).

I think I'll canvas (excuse he pun) a few more ideas of good music to Paint By when I do my Radio segment on Friday. Demolishing things also requires some mood music but that is whole other genre and perhaps a discussion for another day.

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