Thursday, December 3, 2009

You can never have to many clamps

"You can never have to many clamps" is a popular saying amongst woodworkers, but you can have too many vices, I say.

Seriously though, as a woodworker, I am in need of a decent workshop. It just won't do to be out in the weather working on saw horses and temporary work tables. Time has come to get my big old basement sorted. In my last posting I spoke of having my son and his friends demolish the makeshift benches and shelves already down there. Reason being we needed to strip out everything to clear the raw earth floor. Once the space was stripped clear I could look at starting again from the ground up.

.....and I literally mean from the ground up as the first job is to pour a concrete floor, this will involve some extra excavation, improved drainage and then a 100mm slab. At 10x6 metres we are talking 6 cubic metres, a job big enough to call in some professional quotes.

...and the winner is...Rick, from Conte Concreteing...a good honest bloke whose quote was about half of the highest one I received.

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