Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reuben's Groovy Pad

Anyone would think we'd slackened off around here, not having updated for over a month, but quite to the contrary really. The basement slab was completed but no sooner had the concrete cured than I'd filled the space with all the boxes and spare building materials that had been cluttering up the livings spaces upstairs, so no workshop yet I'm afraid.

Having some room upstairs has allowed us to spread out a bit, Reuben's little bedroom has been all trimmed up and painted, finally he has a private space to hangout and its a lovely room with windows that face north and south. Unfortunately the bay window, facing north, will require a bit more work as is needs to be totally rebuilt, the other window had no architrave and nor did the inside of the doorway, the room also required skirting boards and scotia trim in all the corners, all these were done with pre-primed timber products to make painting easier. The floor we covered with Masonite panels, ready for future carpeting.

Painting pine paneling like this can prove problematic if you using acrylic paint as the tannins in the knots and sap lines will bleed out through the water based paint leaving brownish stains. To seal the boards before top coating we primed the paneling with a shellac based paint called B-I-N from Zinsser. We then used copious amounts of fillers to fill all the small gaps, cracks and holes in the cheap pine linings, before painting the room with two coats of my favorite white, "antique white USA" from Dulux.

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Shellac-Base Primer-Sealer
Ultimate Performance Primer-Sealer
  • For interior and spot exterior use
  • Greatest stain sealer
  • Seals knots and sap streaks
  • Seals pet, smoke and musty odors
  • Sticks to all surfaces without sanding
  • Lightning fast dry - recoat in 45 minutes


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading your blog.

Any updates coming?

Darryl said...

Yeah, I'd better pull finger (or place finger on keyboard at least). There have been many changes since then.

Anonymous said...

Great. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

Have been looking at doing the same so it is great to see the potential from someone experienced.