Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Clouded House

The old kitchen at the Fibro Majestic will need replacing eventually but in the meantime (and until budget allows) some character, practicality and a touch of whimsy have been added with paint.

This room functions as both kitchen and dining room, two very important functions within my home, where the hearts, minds and bodies of family and friends are nourished. It's where we meet and talk about life’s ups and downs and where I sit and work from my laptop when the office is getting me down.

Preparation painting saw the walls coated in Dulux Hog Bristle and ceiling in Dulux Antique white USA, Windows and trim sanded, primed and top coated with satin enamel, also in Dulux Antique White USA. All the cupboards lightly sanded and painted with 2 coats of wash and wear acrylic in Dulux Seabrook.

Cloud Bank.

To add a unique sense of fun and interest to the kitchen I painted a cartoon style cloud design onto the wall cupboards to form an overhead “cloud bank.”

How To.

Cloud patterns can be painted on walls, ceilings or even old furniture for fun. This simple form is easy to paint even if you are not artistically competent, if you are unsure of your ability try painting some practice clouds on scrap board before proceeding.

Step 1

Rough out the shape of clouds with a piece of sea-sponge dipped and dabbed. Form cloud shapes with a flat base and fluffy towers above.

Step 2

Work the shape and add details with a paintbrush and piece of cheese cloth using dabbing and twisting actions.

Step 3

Create depth by adding shadow effects with a small brush dipped in grey paint. Using small, arced brush stokes from the base of the cloud up. After grey add more white as required evenly blending the grey and white edges together.

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