Monday, October 12, 2009

Open and Shut Case

I had my Dad to help out over the weekend so the timing was right to tackle a job that I would not have been able to handle easily on my own. Removing the big sliding windows at the back of the Fibro Majestic that look out over the deck and garden, replacing the rotting window sill, repairing the windows and getting everything working smoothly.

This was also a chance to demonstrate the Fein MultiMaster tool I discussed on my radio segment on Friday ( First I used the tool with a thin universal blade attached to slip in between the window sash and the frame and cut the old nails. I then used a different blade to cut out much of the old window putty so I could clamp and glue the loose mortise and tenon joints without cracking the glass.

Whilst the glue was drying it was out with the old sill and a new one was cut and fitted. Back in with the fixed sashes at each end, some new beading and repairs to the rollers on the sliding sashes and in with these as well.

Hey whilst we were at it we even installed some weatherboards under the sill, I actually intend to work my way all around the place installing these to sill height, one section at a time.

Now the windows can be slid back, cafe style, to open the dining room to the outside world, just in time for summer. Sure I still have a bit of work to do to patch and paint the frames and the MultiMaster will be of assistance there, but even now it is a great improvement. I can see myself sitting here and reading the week end papers.

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